Cabarabia: A Conversation with Peter Gallagher (Re-broadcast)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Clifford decided to re-broadcast the episode of his “little podcast that could” with his favorite Irishman, Peter Gallagher. The following is a note from Clifford –
“We filmed this show Feb 10, 2014 and Peter had just found out that the new Broadway Production of “ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY” was a go, and now, a little over one year later, the show officially opened last night. So happy and proud of him! He’s also a new recurring character on “LAW & ORDER SVU” one of my all time favorite shows-

I hope you’ll check out this program. He’s a fascinating man with an extraordinary career in Film , TV and Theater. I had the great pleasure of crossing paths with Peter a few years ago through our mutual friend Bob Thiele – also Katey Sagal’s Music Producer. He quickly became one of my favorite gents I’ve ever known…His extraordinary acting career (THE IDOLMAKER, THE PLAYER, AMERICAN BEAUTY, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, SUMMER LOVERS, SEX,LIES,AND VIDEOTAPE to name only a few) speak for themselves, but I’ve also come to know him for his impressive family life…his beautiful wife of 30 years, and their uber talented offspring, JAMES GALLAGHER, an up and coming filmmaker, and my beloved rocker, singer/songwriter, and rocket on the rise, KATHRYN GALLAGHER.”



(Please note that there is an audio issue for the first minute or so of the “re-broadcast”, but it corrects itself quickly.)

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