Cabarabia: Celebrating the Life of Marie De La Palme

Clifford is joined in studio by the friends and family of Marie De La Palme, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer whom Clifford counted amongst his closest friends and collaborators. Marie passed away in December of 2014, and this show serves to reflect and remember on her life and work.


  1. Beth Lane

    6 years ago

    Thank you Clifford, Joseph, Dan et. al. for this wonderful tribute to Marie! From the warm morning studio hellos to the the strong hugs after the taping, I was honored to be there. I hope others will watch and share their comments here as well. We both came from strong ballet backgrounds but while dancing in Alvin Ailey’s 3rd company she made learning barefoot ballets fun and facile.
    Our director Kelvin Rotardier admired her and showcased her solo talents derservingly. Just watching her soar effortlessly in jetes, encouraged me to have high ballon! I liked dancing next to her because of her spiritual energy which was contagious and pure to the music. A true dancer’s dancer; who holds a light of dance-spirit in my heart.

    • Clifford Bell

      6 years ago

      Thank you so much, Beth….So loved having you with us.

  2. Clifford Bell

    6 years ago

    I received this beautiful note from BETH LANE on Facebook-

    Thank you Clifford, Joseph, Dan et. al. for this wonderful tribute to Marie! I was honored to be there. I hope others will watch and share their comments as well.
    A true dancer’s dancer; who holds a light of dance-spirit in my heart. There is a Marie de la Palme Scholarship Fund at Irvine Comm. College as well as Motion/Tribe to follow on FB!

  3. Clifford Bell

    6 years ago

    I wrote this the day after I filmed two of my most meaningful to me shows back to back-

    I’ve had a very emotionally deep experience for the last couple of days working on my little podcast that could-

    Only by coincidence, if there is such a thing, I have filmed two shows back to back that dealt with some very big issues….being an artist, wanting a family, mortality coming much too soon-
    On Monday, we filmed “THE ILLUMINATED HEART: A CELEBRATION OF MARIE DE LA PALME” I was able to gather the family, friends, and colleagues of one of the dearest people I’ve ever known< MARIE DE LA PALME, who, in her just barely early 50's, passed in December. An accomplished Ballerina from youth, and a world class beauty, she became an acclaimed choreographer and teacher (Co-Chair of the Dance Department of Irvine Valley College), and a devoted wife and mother. Knowing her as I did, and admiring the life she lived, particularly her amazing dedication to her family, even I was a bit spellbound during our show to see how much she was able to achieve in her artistic life. I showed some clips of her much lauded signature pieces and her artistry is awe inspiring.

    Today, I filmed a show that will air next Monday, in my regular time slot. We did a feature on a new cd that I am Executive Producer of…LAUREN WHITE & THE QUINN JOHNSON TRIO "EXPERIMENT: INSPIRED BY THE RECORDINGS OF IRENE KRAL" In the studio, I had Lauren and Quinn, and also Mitch Ellis, who appears on the cd singing a duet with Lauren, and Jodi Burnett, who aside from being a celebrated cellist, with a resume including "The Simpsons", "Castle", the winner of this year's Academy Award for "Best Song" …"Glory" , and two Barbra Streisand tours, she is also the daughter of Irene Kral.

    For anyone who might not know, Irene is a legendary vocalist, who also passed much too young, leaving a body of work that , to this day is still regarded with passion and reverence. She was a woman who burst onto the professional seen in the Maynard Ferguson band basically out of her teens and enjoyed a lot of success until she came to the crossroads of wanting a family, which for her changed the landscape of what was possible for her. So many deep and interesting issues in her story, including a second chapter where a chance meeting with an up and coming young pianist changed the course of her career and put her back into the mainstream of the recording industry being nominated for 3 Grammys and playing Carnegie Hall. It was such a rich and meaningful experience to have Jodi with us sharing her memories about growing up with her mother and the twists and turns of her art, her commitment to family and ultimately her passing at 46.

    "Scheduling issues" created the circumstance where I presented the two stories back to back, but I can't stop thinking about talking to Jodi, the adult woman who lost her mother when she was 17, and how she has arrived at this day, at least a couple decades after her mother's passing to celebrate her mother's still long lasting legacy and talking to Marie's handsome young son, in his early 20's…still only months away from his mother's passing and the incredible maturity and sensitivity, and palpable gratitude he has for the extraordinary legacy that he has by being his mother's son.

  4. Clifford Bell

    6 years ago

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