Love That Dog Hollywood: with Jon Knowlton of Upland Animal Shelter

Love That Dog Hollywood is back with a brand new format! This week, Addie’s joined in studio by Jon Knowlton of the Upland Animal Shelter. Jon, and the Upland shelter at large, are an incredible force for good in the world of rescue and adoption, and he’s here to talk about how they do it, the beauty of pet adoption, and to talk about some other amazing charity work he does with Cops 4 Kids. And it wouldn’t be a dog show without dogs, so he brought along three adorable friends that are looking for homes. If you want to learn more about Upland Animal Shelter or the dogs featured in today’s show, visit .


  1. Ann Davis

    6 years ago

    Thank you for this informative video and all that you do to help the animal shelters.

  2. Nancy Wiegenstein

    6 years ago

    Great video, I loved every minute, what good dogs!

  3. Kathy Ferguson

    6 years ago

    Jon, you represented the shelter in a great way!! Hooch was a hoot! Thank you, Addie for your support of Upland Animal shelter!

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