The Craig and Robbie Hour: Von Cleve Lewis Returns

The boys are joined by second-time guest, singer Von Cleve Lewis. He’s singing live in studio and filling us in on what he’s been up to since his last appearance on the show.


  1. DJ Brinson

    6 years ago

    This Von Cleve dude is dope! You guys are very entertaining!

  2. Von Cleve Lewis

    6 years ago

    Had a great, Craig & Robbie! Getting great feedback- everyone loves you guys! Very entertaining!

  3. steffi schwan

    6 years ago

    we tuned to your show to hear Von Cleve Lewis. We know him personally as we met him in New Orleans. But you 2 talked far too much and didn’t let him sing enough. he has a great voice and I could just listen to him forever.

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