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YATC Live: With Rich Finley

yatc-richAfter a long stint away due to a family tragedy, Rich Finley returned to acting in May 2012. He then plunged himself into every student film, short, and spec pilot he could. In the 3 years that followed, he’s starred in over 100 projects from indies, to commercials, to tv mini series. He’s a recurring contributor for Buzzfeed and Dreamworks TV.

Rich has a lead role this year in the feature film The Midnight Man alongside Vinnie Jones, Will Kemp, Doug Jones, Brent Spiner, and William Forsythe, as well as the 2015 comedy Tin Holiday. Later this year he will be appearing in the indie shorts Mom, and We Want Some.  Among Rich Finley’s supporters are Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner James Woods who says “Rich’s talent is obvious and abundant. He should definitely be on a series.”



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